10 Funny Anti Jokes

Hey guys,

here is a list of 10 funny anti jokes!

Hope you enjoy!


  1. What did the farmer say after he lost his tractor?                                          “I have a gambling problem.”
  2. What are green, blue, pink  and yellow? Colors.
  3. Why are children so excited to get presents from Santa Claus on Christmas? Because he only comes once a year.
  4. What is green and has wheels?
    Grass, I lied about the wheels.
  5. A horse walked into a bar, several people left as they spotted the potential danger.
  6. Yo mama so fat she should be concerned, because diabetes is a serious problem.
  7. What did one lawyer say to the other lawyer? We’re both lawyers!
  8. What do a banana and a helicopter have in common? Both are no police officer!
  9. What’s red and bad for your teeth? A red brick.
  10. A man walks into a bar. There’s a horse standing in the corner. Nobody else seems to think this is odd. He leaves without buying a drink.

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